Support Sologusto with your 2%

As you probably know, Sologusto is a no profit organization (VSI)

You can, and if you like the initiative that we are doing, give us the 2% of your taxes.

Instruction are below:

1. Go to your e-bank account

2. From there go to VMI page

3. Choose EDS



6. In the part FORMOS KODAS write code of declaration FR0512

7. Choose 2015 in MOKESTINIAI METAI


9. Choose the oval picture which is under FORMA ELEKTRONINIAM PILDYMUI

Inside the declaration (see below the screenshot):

In field 1 write your Lithuanian personal code

In field 2 write telephone number

In field 3V write your name

In field 3P write your surname

In field 4 write your address

In field 5 choose 2015

Mark 6S

Mark 7A

In the field E1 input 2

In the field E2 input our code that is 303463394 then select 2,00 in the field E4 and choose 2016 in the field E5

Screenshot of the form as should be filled in (click to zoom in):

2 proc

When you have filled in all the declaration form press PATEIKTI DEKLARACIJA

In case, you can also download a free from from here: FR0512 and present it to VMI

If you want help or you need some clarification, you can drop to us an email to

Thanks to support Sologusto!


New Sologusto event


Sologusto is happy to invite you to the wine and food evening that will take place at

Conti Hotel

Raugyklos str. 7/2 – Vilnius

Friday 26th February 2016 – h. 17.00

During the evening, under the topic “slow food against fast food”, will be presented new products and collaborations especially with Enogood and Forno Veneto

to recieve the invitation:

infoline: +370 61200408 –