Welcome to Sologusto!

SOLOGUSTO is a brand owned by the Association VSI Tik Skoniui dedicated to food-and-wine based in Vilnius, Lithuania

Its long-term mission can be described as follows:

• Help and support  food-and-wine Italian culture and education about “good and healthy food” through professional initiatives (events, seminars, conferences, exhibitions…)
• Creation of a food-and-wine portal for Italian products (in English) and an e- commerce of a selection of products
• Development of a franchising of structured stores part of a network in Europe
• Development of an open source educational software about healthy food and nutrition for all primary schools in Europe

The Sologusto action starts in Lithuania and in the Baltic countries. From the very beginning it was conceived to be developed in all EU countries (especially eastern countries, in the Balkans and afterwards in China as well).
Sologusto addresses both end customers (consumers) and Ho.Re.Ca. channel (Hotel, Restaurant, Catering).
All this, providing services such as selection of producers and selling of products that could not, otherwise, get onto the consumer’s tables.

By these activities, Sologusto provides a double service: education and expansion of SMEs towards an internationalization process that could not be otherwise achieved by them.
Market researches show that often, restaurants and hotels throughout Europe do not have the structure, time or network to select high quality producers but can only rely on large local distributors. These distributors play a major role in the choice of the products that are placed on the markets with sometimes results that are disappointing for the palate or for the finance (too expensive).